The Department of Biotechnology at Mohi-ud-Din Islamic University, Nerian Sharif, AJ&K has recently been established with an aim and objective of imparting quality education in the multidisciplinary field of Biotechnology at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels according to the policy guidelines of Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan. . Faculty members in the department are highly dedicated and committed to the cause of education.
Biotechnology is one of the most important scientific and technological revolutions of the last century and has greatly benefited various aspects of human life. The potentials are enormous and many breakthroughs have already been achieved in the area of healthcare, food, agricultural products and environmental production. The developments in this important area provide immediate benefits to mankind and offer environmentally friendly technologies for sustainable development. The developments in biotechnology, particularly with the basic understanding of genetics, immunology, biochemistry, biochemical engineering and molecular biology, have paved the way for major biotechnology products it possesses and has provided tools to the manufacturing and service of industry. The developments in the field of molecular biology, plant and animal cell culture, immunology and related areas are now being correlated with the progress of industrial development in the world. Also the field has become extremely important because it provides solutions to the most burning problems.
Biotechnology as a fast developing technology as well as a science has already shown its impact on different aspects of day-to-day human life such as public health, pharmaceuticals, food and agriculture, industry, bioenergetics, information technology and in different types of biological and recombination products. Now it is very clear that biotechnology will be a key technology for the 21st century and the science of the future. It has the potential to ensure food security, dramatically reduce hunger and malnutrition, and reduce rural poverty, particularly in developing countries.
Profile PictureDR. ABDUL HAMEED HAMID DR. Younas Khattak
Asst Professor in Department of Biotechnology
Completed PhD, in 2012 from Huazhong Agric University wuhan,China.
Major Groups/Subjects Biochemistry & Mol.Biology
Ph: 05825-450285
Profile PictureDr. Bushra Arshad Dr. Bushra Arshad
Assistant professor in Department of Biotechnology
Contact No: +923345364427



Duration: 8 Semesters Credit Hours: 134

Eligibility: F.Sc (Pre-Medical) with 50% Marks


Semester -I

S. No. Name of Subject Credits
1 English-I (C) 3+0
2 Pakistan Studies (C) 2+0
3 Mathematics-I (pre-calculus) (C) 3+0
4 Ecology, Biodiversity & Evolution I (G) 3+0
5 Organic Chemistry (G) 2+1
6 Cell Biology (F) 2+1
Total 17


Semester -II

S. No. Name of Subject Credits
1 English-II (C) 3+0
2 Islamic Studies/Ethics (C) 2+0
3 Biomathematics (C) 3+0
4 Inorganic Chemistry (G) 2+1
5 Ecology, Biodiversity & Evolution II (G) 2+1
6 Microbiology (F) 2+1
Total 17


Semester -III

S. No. Name of Subject Credits
1 English-III (C) 3+0
2 Introduction to Computer Science (C) 2+1
3 Physical Chemistry (G) 3+0
4 Any subject from Social Sciences (G) 3+0
5 Biochemistry-I (F) 2+1
6 Classical Genetics (F) 3+0
Total 18



Semester -IV

S. No. Name of Subject Credits
1 Biological Physics (G) 3+0
2 Probability & Biostatistics (F) 3+0
3 Any subject from Social Sciences (G) 3+0
4 Analytical Chemistry & Instrumentation (F) 2+1
5 Biochemistry-II (F) 2+1
6 Molecular Biology (F) 3+0
Total 18


Semester -V

S. No. Name of Subject Credits
1 Introduction to Biotechnology (F) 3+0
2 Immunology (F) 3+0*
3 Methods in Molecular Biology (F) 1+2
4 Principles of Biochemical Engineering (M) 2+1
5 Bioinformatics (M) 1+2
Total 15

Semester -VI

S. No Name of Subject Credits
1 Genetic Resources & Conservation (F) 3+0
2 Microbial Biotechnology (F) 3+0*
3 Agriculture Biotechnology (M) 2+1
4 Food Biotechnology (M) 3+0*
5 Elective-I 3+0
6 Research Methodology &Skill Enhancement (M) 3+0
Total 18


Semester -VII

S. No
Name of Subject Credits
1 Health Biotechnology (M) 3+0*
2 Seminar-I (M) 1+0
3 Environment Biotechnology (M) 3+0*
4 Genomics and Proteomics (M) 3+0
5 Elective-II 3+0
6 Research ProjectORInternshipORSpecial Paper I (M) 3+0
Total 16

Semester -VIII

S. No Name of Subject Credits
1 Elective-III 3+0
2 Elective-IV 3+0
3 Seminar-II (M) 1+0
4 Industrial Biotechnology (M) 3+0*
5 Research ProjectORInternshipORSpecial Paper II (M) 3+0
6 Bio safety & Bioethics (C) 2+0
Total 15

1st semester fee:Rs.40,000/-
2nd to last Semester fee:30,000/-


Animal Biotechnology 3+0*
Marine Biotechnology 3+0*
Radio biology 3+0*
Hospital Waste Management 2+1
Water and Waste-water Treatment 2+1
Nano Biotechnology 3+0*
Fungal Biotechnology 3+0*
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology 3+0*
Biosensors 3+0*
Bio fuels and Bio refineries 3+0*
Molecular Diagnostics 3+0*
Cell and Tissue Culture 2+1
Virology 3+0
Fermentation Biotechnology 2+1


Weightage of theory and practical credits may be changed by an institution depending on the laboratory facilities available

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