PhD Education


Profile PictureDR. ABDUL HAMEED HAMID Prof.Dr.Muhammad Aslam Asghar
Professor in Department of Education
Completed PhD from University of Missouri Columbia,MO(USA).

Duration: 3 years Credit Hours: 54


Eligibility: 1: MS/M. Phil. in Education with at least 3 CGPA or 60 % marks.

2: GAT subject with 60% marks or university entry.


  1. Scheme of Studies
  2. Courses

Semester –III

Sr. # Course Credit Hours
1 New dimensions in teacher education and pedagogy 3
2 Quality assurance in education 3
3 Comparative education 3
4 Instructional Design 3
5 Educational leadership and instructional improvement 3
6 E-Learning 3
Sub-Total-V 18


  1. Comprehensive Examination


  1. Written
  2. Viva
  • Conditions


  1. There will be no marks or grade for comprehensive examination.


  1. It will be rated as pass or fail.


  1. Clearing both the parts separately will be required.


  1. Completion of course work will be a pre-requisite.


  1. There will be only three chances for students to clear the comprehensive examination.


  1. The written component of comprehensive examination will be of at least 4 hours duration.


  1. Research 36 CH


  1. After passing course work and comprehensive examination a student will be granted candidacy for PhD research.


  1. The detailed regulations for PhD will be followed.
  • Publication/ acceptance of at least one research paper in a HEC approved journal of ‘Y’ category for social sciences or as may be amended by HEC will be a requirement for the award of PhD degree.


  1. A copy of PhD dissertation (both hard and soft) will be submitted to HEC.


  1. Course Offering


1st Semester

S.No. Course CH
1 New Dimension in Teacher Education and Pedagogy 3
2 Quality Assurance in Education 3
3 Comparative Education 3



2nd Semester

S.No. Course CH
1 Instructional Design 3
2 Educational Leadership and Instructional Improvement 3
3 E-Learning 3




1st semester fee:Rs.49,000/-
2nd to 8th Semester fee:38,000/-

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