The students will study six courses, three courses in each semester over a period of one year. They must study two core courses on research methods, one in each semester. They can select two elective courses in each semester from the courses offered to complete their course work for MS/M.Phil in Applied Linguistics (24 credit hours). The students will be advised to select the elective courses that pertain to their individual research interest. Each course is of 4 CH. Total 36 CH: 24CH in taught courses and 12 CH in thesis.


  • Minimum 2nd Division / 2.5 (CGPA) in M.A English
  • GAT type test conducted by university be Qualified
Profile PictureSaadia Saba Ms.Saadia Saba
Program Coordinator
Completed Masters, from IIU, Islamabad.
Completed MS, from Foundation University, Islamabad.
Specialization: Linguistics
Ph: 051-4101539


1st Semester
Course Code Course Credit Hours
 Research Methodology in Linguistics 03
Issues in Syntax 03
Optional 1 03
Optional 2 03
Total Credit Hours in Semester I 12
2nd Semester
Course Code Course Credit Hours
Theories of Language Description 03
Applied Linguistics 03
Optional 1 03
Optional 2 03
Total Credit Hours in Semester II 12
Semester 3rd & 4th
Course Code Course Credit Hours
Thesis (20,000-25,000 words) 6
Total Credit Hours in Semester III & IV 6


  • Total Number of Courses =08
  • Total credit hours=30
1st semester fee:Rs.48,400/-
2nd to last Semester fee:38,400/-

List of Optional Courses of Semester 1st

  • Critical Discourse Analysis
  • Language Assessment
  • Bilingualism
  • Teaching and Learning English in large classes
  • Globalization and Spread of English
  • Computational Linguistics
  • ESP
  • Translation Studies
  • Cross-cultural communication
  • Pragmatics
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