The Department of Mathematics aims at providing a comprehensive knowledge of Mathematics at undergraduate as well as graduate and doctoral levels. At undergraduate level the students of Computer Science, Biotechnology, Chemistry and Management Sciences are provided with high quality knowledge of Mathematics. Furthermore, at M. Phil (Mathematics) and PhD (Mathematics) levels the students are imparted state of the art education. These programs have earned a great repute over the years and students all over the country show great enthusiasm for admission in the Department of Mathematics.
Apart from going through the course work, the students are encouraged to carry out quality research work, leading to publications in renowned international journals. The syllabi have been designed to enrich the students’ understanding towards the subject of Mathematics with a view to helping them encounter practical problems successfully in their careers. Utmost emphasis is laid on conceptual learning and application of Mathematics to the real world problems with the help of good examples and exercises. In this regard a balance is maintained between applications and the basic principles behind them.
Being mindful of the importance of the subject of Mathematics, the University has inducted highly qualified permanent faculty members, to meet all the challenges at undergraduate as well as graduate and doctoral levels.
Apart from directing the students in the discipline of Mathematics, plenteous emphasis is laid on their character building. This aspect is taken care of consciously so that after graduating from this institution they should not only portray themselves as good Mathematicians but also as good citizens and good Muslims.
Profile PictureDR. ABDUL HAMEED HAMID Dr.Muhammad Shakeel
Asst Professor in Department of Mathematics
Completed PhD, in 2015 from HITECH University Taxila Cantt.
Specialization: Modified (G’/G)-Expansion Methods
Email: muhammadshakeel74@yahoo.com

Duration: 4 Semesters Credit Hours: 63

Eligibility: Bachelor with Math A and B

Semester 1

Sr.# Course Credit Hours
1. Advanced Calculus 3
2. Linear Algebra 3
3. Differential Geometry I 3
4. Set Topology 3
5. Ordinary Differential Equations 3
Total Credit Hours 15


Semester 2

Sr.# Course Credit Hours
1. Real Analysis 3
2. Group Theory 3
3. Differential Geometry-II 3
4. Complex Analysis 3
5. Analytical Mechanics 3
6. Quran-o-Hadith 3
Total Credit Hours 18


Semester 3

Sr.# Course Credit Hours
1. Numerical Methods 3
2. Functional Analysis 3
3. Partial Differential Equations 3
4. Elective-I 3
5. Elective-II 3
6. Seerat-o-Tasawwuf 3
Total Credit Hours 18


Semester 4

Sr.# Course Credit Hours
1. Elective-III 3
2. Elective-IV 3
3. Elective-V 3
4. Elective-VI 3
5. Elective-VII 3
Total Credit Hours 15


1st semester fee:Rs.40,000/-
2nd to last Semester fee:Rs.30,000/-

The student is required to take any seven of the elective courses subject to availability of required number of students and the faculty.

  • Every Course carries 3 credit hours.


1. Measure and Integration
2. Optimization Theory
3. Mathematical Statistics-I
4. Mathematical Statistics-II
5. Numerical Analysis
6. Integral Equations
7. Riemannian Geometry
8. Continuous Group
9. Theory of Manifolds
10. Introduction of Combinatorics
11. Introduction to Algebraic Geometry
12. Algebraic Systems and Coding Theory
13. Group Algorithms Programming
14. Algebraic topology
15. Advanced Technology
16. Advanced Functional Analysis
17. Advance Group Theory
18. Rings and Fields
19. Theory of Modules
20. Decomposition of Modules
21. Fluid Mechanics-I
22. Fluid Mechanics-II
23. Elasticity Theory
24. Special Relativity
25. Analytical Dynamics
26. General Relativity
27. Electromagnetism
28. Introductory Quantum Mechanics


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