M.Sc. Health and Physical Education


The Department of Health & Physical education was established in 2015. It provides opportunity to the people of AJ&K and Pakistan to get understating and the basic concepts of physical education , its relation to health education and preliminary awareness about physical, mental and social developments; interpretation of biological, psychological effects on physical activities in the field of Health & Physical Education. A large number of students have been benefited by this program. Now we are offering BS (Hons), B.Sc, M.Sc& Junior Diploma (JDPE) in Health &physical Education.
Profile PictureAdeel Mr.Adeel Khan
Program Coordinator
Completed Masters, Gomal University, D.I.Khan.
Specialization: Sports Sciences & Physical Education
Ph: 03105379107
Email: adeeljadoon@miu.edu.pk

Eligibility for Admission: BA/ B.sc

Duration: 2 Years Credit Hours: 72

Semester-I Theory

Sr.No. Course Credit Hours
1 Philosophical Basis of Physical Education and Recreation 3
2 Human Biology 3
3 Advance Rules and Techniques of Games 3
4 Advance Rules and Techniques of Track and Field 3
5 Introduction to Computer 3
6 Sports Psychology 3
Sub-Total-1 18



Semester-I Practical (External Evaluation)

Sr.No. Course Credit Hours
1 Teaching Techniques &Games

Skills and Teaching profession of games mentioned in the concerned outline

Sub-Total-II 3


Note: The Games, athletics and gymnastics will be practiced in semesters I & II .However the practical examination for skills in games only be held at the end of 1st semester. The practical examination for rest of the skills will be held at the end of the 2nd semester.


Semester I & II


(External Evaluation)

Sr. No. Course Credit Hours
1 Skills in Games External Evaluation)

One Game as Major

One Game as Minor

2 Skills in Track and Field (Throws, Jumps, Races) 1 -do- 3
3 Skills in Educational Gymnastics 1 -do-
Hiking, Scouting/ Girl Guiding and First Aid 1


Sub Total-III 6



Semester II Theory

Sr.No. Course Credit Hours
1 Sports Medicine 3
2 Sports Injuries, Treatment and Rehabilitation 3
3 Science of Sports Training and Coaching 3
4 Sports Bio mechanics 3
5 Internship(In a sports or educational institutional of at least secondary level) 3
6 Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology 3
Sub Total-III 18




Sr.No. Course Credit Hours
1 Hiking, Scouting/Girls Guiding and First Aid(Internal evaluation) 1 CH 3
2 Skills in Educational Gymnastics(External evaluation)1 CH
3 Skills in Track and Field (External evaluation) 1 CH
Sub Total-IV 3



  1. The training will be arranged by acquiring the services of relevant trained personal. The marks will be submitted by the chairman/principal.
  2. The practical should be taught and learnt in each semester with appropriate schedule.
  3. Students who qualify the first two semesters may be awarded Senior Diploma in Physical Education. If he /she doesn’t continue M.Sc. HPE Program


Semester III

Sr.No. Course Credit Hours
1 Sports Nutrition 3
2 Curriculum Development in Physical Education 3
3 Exercise Physiology 3
4 Quran & Hadith 3
5 Administration and Management in Sports 3
6 Theory of Sports, Training & Coaching 3
Sub-Total-V 18

Semester III Practical to be continue


Sr.No. Course Credit Hours
1 Measurement and Evaluation in Physical Education 3
2 Research Methods in Physical Education 3
3 Seerat and Tasawwuf 3
4 Thesis or any Two of the following Courses in lieu thereof

Role of Media in Sports

Planning Sports Facilities

Leadership in Sports

Planning for Scientific Sports Coaching

Sub Total-VI 15


Semester IV Practical to be continue

1st semester fee:Rs.31,000/-
2nd to lastSemester fee:Rs.21,000/-

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