M.Sc. Economics


The Department of Management Sciences was established in 2000. The Department provides quality education in the field of Business Management, Banking & Finance, Marketing and Human Resource Management, to meet the needs of business and industry. The department is working on continuous improvement in line with trends in business and industry; Programs are designed to help students, gains knowledge and skills for the strategic management level, for entering upon a right kind of career and progress in their field of choice.
The Department is committed to an overall balance among teaching, scholarly activities, and liaison with the business and industry. Thus it strongly believes in close interaction between academia and industry. The department is offering the following programs.
Profile PictureMr.Qasim Riaz Mr.Qasim Riaz
Head of Department
Completed BBA, from GCU, Faislabad.
Completed MS, Air University, Islamabad.
PhD in Progress
Specialization: Human Resource
Ph: 0514101539, 4859658-9
Email: a.c@miu.edu.pk
Profile PictureMr.Mohsin Iqbal Sumpal Mr.Mohsin Iqbal Sumpal
Completed MCOM, University of Sargodha.
Completed MS, Iqra University, Islamabad.
Specialization: Finance
Ph: 0331-7615421
Email: mohsiniqbal@miu.edu.pk

Duration: 4 Semesters Credit Hours: 66


Eligibility: BA.B.Sc.BS or Equivalent 14 years education, with relevant subject at Bachelor level


Semester – 1

Sr.# Course CH
1 Micro Economics-I 3
2 Macro Economics-I 3
3 Mathematical Economics-I 3
4 Statistics 3
5 Issues in Pakistan’s Economy 3
Sub Total-IV 15



Semester 2

Sr.# Course CH
1 Econometrics 3
2 International Economics 3
3 Development Economics 3
4 Comparative Economic System 3
5 Mathematical Economics II 3
Sub Total-IV 15


Semester 3

Sr.# Course CH
1 Micro Economics-II 3
2 Macro Economics-II 3
3 Research Method & 3
4 Computer Application 3
5 Optional Course 3
6 Optional Course 3
Sub Total-IV 18


Semester 4

Sr.# Course CH
1 Economic Analysis of Project planning and Management 3
2 Public Finance 3
3 Agricultural Economics 3
4 Research Report/Optional Course 3
5 Optional Course 3
Sub Total-IV 18


1st semester fee:Rs.40,000/-
2nd to last Semester fee:Rs.30,000/-

List of Optional Courses

Sr.# Course CH
1 Monetary Economics 3
2 Islamic Economics 3
3 HRD 3
4 Production Economics 3
5 Economic Planning 3
6 Applied Econometrics 3
Sub Total-IV 18


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