The Biotechnology program is designed for four semesters. Each year two semesters (Fall and Spring) are offered. The course work is distributed evenly over two semesters and the final (3rd and 4th) semesters are mainly reserved for research work and thesis writing. The M.Phil in Biotechnology has two categories of total 30 Credit Hours as per HEC rules.

  1. Courses (24 Credit Hours)
  2. Dissertation (06 Credit Hours)
Profile PictureDR. ABDUL HAMEED HAMID DR. Younas Khattak
Asst Professor in Department of Biotechnology
Completed PhD, in 2012 from Huazhong Agric University wuhan,China.
Major Groups/Subjects Biochemistry & Mol.Biology
Ph: 05825-450285
Email: younas_ktk@yahoo.com
Profile PictureDr. Bushra Arshad Dr. Bushra Arshad
Assistant professor in Department of Biotechnology
Email: bushraarshad1988@gmail.com
Contact No: +923345364427

The courses in category 1 use the prefix MBTand a 3-digit number as code.

List of Courses

Sem. Credit Hours
Course Code Title Theory Lab Total
(12 CH)
MBT.701 Advances in Microbiology 03 00 03
MBT.702 Advances in Cell & Molecular Biology 03 00 03
MBT.703 Recombinant DNA Technology 03 00 03
MBT.704 Research Methodology in Biotechnology 02 00 02
MBT.705 Lab Technique I 01 00 01
(12 CH)
MBT.706 Advances in Immunology 03 00 03
MBT.707 Molecular Basis of Plant Breeding 03 00 03
MBT.708 Microbial Enzyme Technology 03 00 03
MBT.709 Cell Signaling 02 00 02
MBT.710 Lab Technique II 01 00 01
Semester 3 & 4
(06 CH)
Research and Dissertation writing 06
Grand Total 30


Grand Total: 30 Credit Hours



  1. The completion of M. Phil. program and degree awarding is contingent upon successful completion of a minimum of 24 Credit Hours of course work and 06 Credit Hours of research work.
  2. The allocation of the Dissertation topic will be with the consultation of concerned supervisor.
  • Dissertation will be open defense.
  1. Course(s) will be offered subject to availability of resources and resource persons.


1st semester fee:Rs.51,400/-
2nd to last Semester fee Rs:41,000/-


Animal Biotechnology 3+0*
Marine Biotechnology 3+0*
Radio biology 3+0*
Hospital Waste Management 2+1
Water and Waste-water Treatment 2+1
Nano Biotechnology 3+0*
Fungal Biotechnology 3+0*
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology 3+0*
Biosensors 3+0*
Bio fuels and Bio refineries 3+0*
Molecular Diagnostics 3+0*
Cell and Tissue Culture 2+1
Virology 3+0
Fermentation Biotechnology 2+1

Weightage of theory and practical credits may be changed by an institution depending on the laboratory facilities available

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