Overview of ORIC

The Office of Research, Innovation Commercialization (ORIC) was established at the Mohi-ud-din Islamic university in August, 2017. Office of Research, Innovation Commercialization a central staff office reporting to the Registrar, is charged with administrative responsibility for all University research and related activities involving extramural sponsorship. In fulfilling its duties, the Office of Research serves as both a center of advocacy for research and related activities, and facilitator of the research environment. The role of Office of Research, Innovation ,Commercialization (ORIC) is to provide complete services which facilitate and support all shapes of research & innovation development from initial funding through to commercialization where appropriate. ORIC provides support and assistance to faculty members in their quest for research funding and other support. ORIC is University’s liaison with all the funding agencies to oversee all contracts related to research and commercialization.

Objectives & Functions At MIU

The Office of Research, Innovation & Commercialization (ORIC) aims to:

  • Develop, expand and manage the Mohi-ud- din Islamic Univeristys research programs.
  • Coordinate research activities directly to the educational, social and economic priorities
    of MIU and its community.
  • Ensure that the quality of research reflects the highest international standards and
    advances the stature of the Mohi-ud- din Islamic University among the worlds best
    research institutions
  • The Office of Research, Innovation & Commercialization (ORIC) seeks to enhance the
    research culture at MIU and realize above-mentioned objectives by:
  • Supporting the universitys strategic research directions and policies
  • Strengthening university industry relationships
  • Promoting entrepreneurship, technology transfer and commercialization activities that
  • energize and support the local and national economy
  • Promoting and enhancing cross-cutting and multi- disciplinary research initiatives
  • Improving recruitment and retention of top faculty members
  • Improving integration of research and education at all levels of the university

Administrative structure of ORIC at MIU Nerian Sharif

Sr. No Name Designation Status
1 Prof. Dr. Naeem A Rasheed Director ORIC Full time
2 Dr. Muhammad Asad Manager Research Operations & Development Full time
3 Mr. Qasim Riaz Manager Of University-Industrial Linkages And Technology Transfer Full time
4 Mr. Junaid Ilyas Manager Intellectual Property /Legal Services Full time
5 Dr. Asim Shahzad Publication/Communication Specialist Full time
6 Mr. Abdul Rehman Accountant Full time
7 Mr. Junaid Ahmed Kayani Administrative Assistant Full time
8 Mr. Syed Zeeshan Administrative Assistant Full time
9 Mr. Mohsin Iqbal Research Associate Full time


ORIC contact Details:
Address: P.O & Tehsil: Tararkhal, District Sudhnoothi, AJ&K
Phone Number:05825-450284
Email: oric@miu.edu.pk

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