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The Department of English was established in 2015, it is a center of academic, intellectual and cultural activities. Apart from running its four full-time programs i.e. BS English (Four-year), MA English(Language and Literature), M.Phil Literature in English, and M.Phil Applied Linguistics, the department provides support to all other departments of the university by offering interdisciplinary courses, e.g. Functional English, Academic Reading & Writing, Communication Skills etc. These classes are being taught by the trained and qualified faculty members. Further updating in the designed scheme of studies will be sought to make the programs more effective and quality oriented. The courses have been designed to help students develop a strong knowledge-base in each specific area and be able to apply their knowledge to discuss the domain-specific issues and seek solutions to various problems.
Research is the major component of our study programs. Thesis is the compulsory requirement for BS English and the two M.Phil degree programs. It is optional in MA English program. Our students conduct research on a variety of topics from Literature and Applied Linguistics under the supervision of learned advisors.
The faculty of the Department of English comprises qualified and experienced teachers who are able to teach the approved courses. The department is an excellent English Language and Literature learning/teaching platform and is committed to meeting the needs and ambitions of a diverse range of students by providing opportunities of taught courses and research. Besides promoting a vibrant research culture, the Department of English is committed to embracing the progressive research and reinforcing existing thought patterns. The intended focus of the department is on achieving excellence in research of practical importance. One of the main objectives of the Department is to promote research on local languages, such as Urdu, Pahari, Hindko, Gojri, etc.
The English Department at Mohi-ud-Din Islamic University, Nerian Sharif AJK falls helps students build knowledge of the content and methods of literary studies. In addition, our faculty is committed to an interdisciplinary approach to knowledge. The students of English department will pursue careers in education, research, business, law, government, and publishing. The Department’s policies and its reading- and writing-intensive curriculum demonstrate our commitment to the liberal arts.
• To provide appropriate pedagogies – including class size – and environments (classrooms, equipment, resources, and technology) that will lead o student retention and success as well as an increase in the number of majors and minors.
• To help students see themselves as professionals, as part of a discipline with skills and abilities valuable in the business, teaching, publishing, or post-graduate work.
• To give students a sense of themselves as citizens of a larger community by encouraging participation in service learning
• To assure that students encounter creativity crucial to English studies through readings by professional writers.
• To balance the needs of general education – communication, diversity, global perspectives, interdisciplinary studies – with those of the major.
Profile PictureSaadia Saba Ms.Saadia Saba
Program Coordinator
Completed Masters, from IIU, Islamabad.
Completed MS, from Foundation University, Islamabad.
Specialization: Linguistics
Ph: 051-4101539

Scheme of Studies

1st Semester
Course Code Course Credit Hours
English-I: (Functional English) 03
Introduction to Computers 03
Introduction to Lit: History of English Literature-I 03
Introduction to Linguistics 03
Principles of Micro Economics 03
Introduction to Political Science 03
Total Credit Hours in Semester I 18
2nd Semester
Course Code Course Credit Hours
Eng-II (Communications Skills) 03
Pak Studies 02
History of English Literature 03
Phonetics & Phonology 03
Principles of Macro Economics 03
Introduction to International Relations 03
Total Credit Hours in Semester II 17
3rd Semester
Course Code Course Credit Hours
English III (technical Writing and presentation) 03
Math’s-I (algebra) 03
Development of Economics 03
Principles of Sociology 03
Introduction to Lit-II 03
Morphology and Syntax 03
Total Credit Hours in Semester III 18
4th Semester
Course Code Course Credit Hours
Eng-IV (Advanced Academic Reading and Writing) 03
Human Rights and Citizenship 03
Islamic Studies 02
History of International Relations 03
Introduction to Journalism 03
History of English Literature 02
Total Credit Hours in Semester IV 17
5th Semester
Course Code Course Credit Hours
Visionary Discourse 03
Literary Criticism 03
Poetry (14th to 18th Century) 03
Novel (18th & 19th Century) 03
Socio-Linguistics 03
Research Methodology 03
Total Credit Hours in Semester V 18
6th Semester
Course Code Course Credit Hours
Literary Criticism and Theory 03
Classics in Drama 03
19th Century Poetry 03
Semantics 03
Discourse Analysis 03
Psycholinguistics 03
Total Credit Hours in Semester VI 18
7th Semester
Course Code Course Credit Hours
20th Century Literature 03
American Literature 03
Language Teaching Methodology 03
Pragmatics 03
World English 03
Total Credit Hours in Semester VII 15
8th Semester
Course Code Course Credit Hours
Teaching of Literature 03
Literary Stylistics 03
Syllabus Designing and Testing 03
Genre analysis 03
Research Project 03
Total Credit Hours in Semester VIII 15


Total Number of Courses: 44

Total Credit Hours of 8 Semesters: 136

1st semester fee:Rs.38,000/-
2nd to last Semester fee:28,000/-

Elective Subjects


Two subjects out of the list carrying 200 marks each are to be selected.  There will be two papers for each subject.

Total Marks:   800 marks



List of Elective Subjects

  1. Islamic Studies
  2. Economics
  3. Islamic History
  4. Political Science
  5. Arabic
  6. Persian
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