B.Sc. Health and Physical Education


The Department of Health & Physical education was established in 2015. It provides opportunity to the people of AJ&K and Pakistan to get understating and the basic concepts of physical education , its relation to health education and preliminary awareness about physical, mental and social developments; interpretation of biological, psychological effects on physical activities in the field of Health & Physical Education. A large number of students have been benefited by this program. Now we are offering BS (Hons), B.Sc, M.Sc& Junior Diploma (JDPE) in Health &physical Education.
Profile PictureAdeel Mr.Adeel Khan
Program Coordinator
Completed Masters, Gomal University, D.I.Khan.
Specialization: Sports Sciences & Physical Education
Ph: 03105379107
Email: adeeljadoon@miu.edu.pk

Eligibility: FA/F.Sc/I.Com/ICS/D.Com or Equivalent.


Duration: 4 Semesters Credit Hours: 96

Semester Offerings

Semester I

Sr.# Course Credit Hours
1. History and Organization of Health and Physical Education 3
2. Introduction to Computer 3
3. Rules and Techniques of Games and Sports 3
4. Olympic, Leisure and Re-creative Sports (Athletics) 3
5. Science of Movement 3
6. Introduction to Human Biology 3
Total 18




  1. Skills in Games (External Evaluation at the end of 1 Semester) 3
    • One game as major 2 CH
    • One game as minor 1 CH


  1. Skills in Track and Field and Educational Gymnastics (External Evaluation at the end of Second Semester)


Semester II

Sr.# Course Credit Hours
1. Functional English 3
2. First Aid 3
3. Fundamentals of Anatomy & Physiology 3
4. Sports Injuries and Treatment 3
5. Coaching Internship (at educational institution or a sports Center) for four weeks 3
Total 15

Semester II



Sr.# Course Credit Hours
1. Skill in Track and Field (External Evaluation

at the end of second semester) 2 CH

2. Competencies in Scouting / Girl Guide and

First Aid (Internal Evaluation)1 CH

3. Practice in Games to Continue in second semester as well.


Semester III

Sr.# Course Credit Hours
1. Communication Skills 3
2. Health Education 3
3. Basic Nutrition 3
4. Introduction to Physiotherapy 3
5. Islamic & Pakistan Studies 3
Total 15


Semester IV

Sr.# Course Credit Hours
1. Introduction to Psychology 3
2. Technical Writing and Communication Skills 3
3. Coaching of Game and Track & Field 3
4. Sociology 3
5. Physical Education for Special Population 3
Total 15



Sr # Credit Hours

  1. Skill Dexterity in two Games Men: Hockey, Football, volleyball, Tennis Women: Basketball, hockey , volleyball, Tennis 3
  2. Skill dexterity in Athletics (one from each group)


Group A: 100 meters, 400 meters

1500 meters, 4 x 100 relay

Group B: Broad jump, Triple Jump, Javelin Throws, Putting the Shot.


Subtotal 6

Total 37

Note: Student who do not continue after first two semester can apply for the award of Junior Diploma in Health & Physical Education.

1st semester fee:Rs.28,000/-
2nd to lastSemester fee:Rs.18,000/-

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