Institutional development is an ongoing process without which scientific establishments cannot sustain the strictness and quality of frontier research.
Chemistry plays a vital role in the development of strong economy and prosperous society by scientific utilization of the available material resources and by providing skilled manpower. In light of these prime importance of chemistry, Mohi-ud-Din Islamic University, Nerian Sharif, AJ&K, established Department of Chemistry which provides a stimulating environment for research, teaching and learning with highly qualified and experienced PhD and MPhil/MS faculty members. Main aim of this department is to provide quality education and an opportunity to the in-service and young graduates to enhance their qualification.
Initially BS (Hon) and MS/M Phil programs are being offered in the department. The program is being mainly run according to the policy guidelines of Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan.
The Department of Chemistry provides a stimulating environment for research, teaching and learning thoroughly highly qualified and experienced faculty. The graduates can expect to develop their careers in the pharmaceutical and food industries, analytical and environmental laboratories, industrial laboratories and academic and research organizations.
The future aim of the Department of Chemistry is to become a center of excellence by improving the existing facilities as well as adopting new trend in Chemistry which are practiced internationally.
Profile PictureDR. ABDUL HAMEED HAMID DR. Saqib Ali
Asst Professor in Department of Chemistry
Completed PhD, in 2014 from Institute of chemical sciences, University of Peshawar, Pakistan.
Specialization: Organic Chemistry
Email: saqib_ali1981@yahoo.com



Semeste 1 & 2 Course Credit Hours
Code Title Theory Lab Total
Chem.715 Chemistry of Organometallics 03 00 03
Chem.717 Thermal Analysis 03 00 03
Chem.726 Natural Products Chemistry 03 00 03
Chem.727 Synthetic Applications of Named Reactions 03  00 03
Chem.728 Advanced Stereo chemistry 03 00 03
Chem.735 Advanced Spectroscopy 03 00 03
Chem.745 Surface Chemistry 03  00 03
Chem.749 Advanced solid State Chemistry and Characterization Techniques 03 00 03

Semeste 3 & 4

Chem. 760 Research and Dissertation writing 06
Grand Total 30


1st semester fee:Rs.51,400/-
2nd to last Semester fee:Rs.41,400/-

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